Qualities we are looking for in all volunteers: enthusiasm, friendliness and willingness to help. We want our volunteers to mingle with conference delegates, offer assistance, and, most importantly, enjoy themselves!

For every shift completed, volunteers will be allowed to attend the conference complimentary for the equivalent of the time they volunteer (e.g. volunteer for the morning, attend the afternoon for free or vice versa). Volunteers are required to register for conference, and then CAEP will refund you for the portion volunteered.

The conference will take place at the Halifax Convention Centre.

This is not an exhaustive and we will continue recruiting as volunteer needs are identified. Please contact Andrew Steele Moore if you’re interested in volunteering.

Pre-conference Jobs • Friday, May 24 & Saturday, May 25

AIME – May 24 & May 25
1 Volunteer per day
CAEP’s Airway Interventions & Management in Emergencies (AIME) program is designed for acute care health professionals. Airway management is an ‘advanced’ procedure which involves much more than the simple placement of an endotracheal tube. Decisions of when and why to intubate, by which method, with or without pharmacologic adjuncts, and what to do if things go wrong, must be made quickly and confidently.

Volunteers will assist with welcoming participants, registration, etc. These volunteers will have the unique opportunity to observe this excellent course in return for their services.

Early Registration Desk – May 25
4 Volunteers (2 AM shift, 2 PM shift)
Volunteers will help register delegates, hand out name tags, and provide information.

Exhibit Hall Setup – May 25
2 Volunteers TBC

Simulation Olympiad – May 25
2 Volunteers
Volunteers will help with sequestering the teams and shuttling the mic to people during the debrief.

Conference Jobs • Sunday, May 26 - Wednesday, May 29

Simulation Olympiad – May 26
2 Volunteers
Volunteers will help with sequestering the teams and shuttling the mic to people during the debrief.

Welcome Event at Pier 21 – May 27
1 Volunteer
Volunteer will check passes at the door, take guest tickets, and answer any questions about the event.

2-4 Volunteers per day
Volunteers will walk around the hallways and answr delegate questions , have them complete conference evaluations, and check in on all the concurrent sessions to see if track chairs need any assistance, and provide assistance to CAEP staff as needed.

Registration Desk 
1-5 Volunteers per day
Volunteers will give out delegate name tags and provide information, assist with the posters and boards, distribute room signage, provide assistance to CAEP staff as needed.

Research Track
1 Volunteer per day
Volunteer will be stationed in the lightning oral track room to load the presenters’ powerpoints onto the communal laptop.