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Medical Student and Resident Day

Monday, June 14, 2021 11:00 - 17:00 CT

Resident members are especially important to CAEP. You represent the future of emergency medicine in Canada. Our goal is to engage residents to continue to be involved with CAEP and to shape EM in the future.

1100-1200 CDT

Medical Student Annual General Meeting (AGM)

CAEP Medical Student Rep Kaitlin Endres will be conducting the student AGM


This session will include an overview of different initiatives completed in the past year as well as ongoing and future projects, opportunities for medical students to become involved with EM and CAEP on a local and national level and will also feature the 2021-2022 CAEP Medical Student Election speeches

12:00-13:00 CT

FOAMed Panel

Session Objectives

To understand the breadth of current Canadian FOAMed efforts in emergency medicine

To appreciate opportunities for involvement and collaboration in the FOAMed community

To provide a forum to ask questions to and learn from current leaders in FOAMed

13:00 - 14:00 CT

Research Panel for Medical Students

Frank Battaglia (PGY-1 Mac), Aidan McParland (PGY-1 UBC Vancouver), Garrick Mok (PGY-4 Ottawa), Jana Balakumaran (PGY-1 Mac), Jessica Kent-Rice (PGY-2 Toronto), Laila Nasser (PGY-4 Mac)

Session Objectives

To demonstrate the variety and depth of Canadian research in emergency medicine

To provide an overview of the variety of ways in which medical students can participate and further emergency medicine research

To offer an opportunity for interested medical students and residents to ask about research goals, opportunities, pathways, and contacts

To learn about the “Do’s” and “Don'ts” when it comes to getting involved with research as a medical student

To learn from the “successes” and “failures” of residents during their time completing research as a medical student

1300-1400 CDT

Resident Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Led by CAEP Resident Section Executive President Audrey Marcotte


Review of last year’s initiatives, achievements, and direction for next year and present election results for 2021-22 executive.

1400-1500 CDT

Interesting Cases from Familiar Faces

We’ve sent out a national call for unique and interesting patient cases that residents have provided care for in the ED. Residents will have the opportunity to walk fellow residents and med students through interactive case presentations in real-time by having the audience suggest investigations, interpret imaging, formulate differential diagnoses and management plans.

Session Objectives

To provide an opportunity for residents to teach interesting ED “pearls” to fellow colleagues and junior learners

To highlight the fascinating depth and complexity of clinical emergency medicine

To learn about low-frequency, high-stakes cases, procedures, and presentations in emergency medicine

1500-1700 CDT

Virtual Resus Room Sim Session

You will work with a team to run two online simulations using the Virtual Resus Room.

Sign Up as a Team

You can sign up in groups of 4-6 residents or medical students. There will be 6 resident and 4 medical student teams. You can be from the same school or join colleagues from another program.

Sign up as Free Agent

Don’t worry if you don’t have a full team - you can also sign up solo! We will put you in a group. This is an excellent way to meet other emerg-interested learners from across the country!

You will do cases that are right for you

When you sign up - let us know what areas you/your group are particularly interested in (themes to choose from: trauma, tox, peds, general resus). We will choose your cases based on this information.

Sign up for CAEP, then sign up for Sim

You must be registered as a CAEP delegate to participate. There are limited spots - so sign up soon!

Session Objectives

To practice simulation skills in a low-pressure, low-risk environment as either a medical student or resident

To gain familiarity with simulation in the EM setting and how this has been newly been adapted to a virtual platform over the past year

To learn about the importance of the debrief process in simulation and to have the opportunity to take part in a formal debrief process with your team