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A novel learning approach !

Wednesday June 3, 2020

11:30 – 14:00

Come and meet our experts in Geriatric Emergency Medicine and acquire new knowledge that will change your clinical management as soon as your next ED shift!

This is an amazing learning opportunity where you can shop around for practical tips and tricks for older adults, a growing and complex population in the ED.

Learning Objectives:

1. Use many tips and tools regarding older adult care in the emergency department

2. List the main geriatric syndromes and their relevance in the emergency department

3.Discuss and implement several practical changes in the emergency department regarding older adult care.

Meet the Experts
No Title Objectives Experts



Femoral block

To recognize indications for femoral nerve and to integrate practical tips for the femoral nerve block procedure for older adults with a hip fracture.  

Dr. Jacques Lee




Dementia and ED visits

To recognize how difficult an ED visit is for the older adult patients with cognitive disorder and learn some tips to improve their experience  

Dr. Alice Gray





To recognize the value of community paramedicine in care for older adults and how it helps ED patient flow  

Dr. Michael Nolan

4 Elder abuse To implement a screening and care procedure for elder abuse in the ED Dr. Eric Mercier



Palliative care

To discuss the importance of introducing palliative care in the ED and to identify the older adult patients that will benefit most from this approach  

Dr. Erin O’Connor





To integrate a frailty assessment at triage and to identify the use in the older adults ED flow.  

Dr. Fabrice Mowbray



5 things to change at a political levels for older adults care in the ED To identify five priority changes to implement at a political level in order to provide better care for older adults in the ED  

Dr. Brittany Ellis

8 10 tips for delirium prevention and management in the ED To integrate 10 tips to prevent delirium/agitation for older adults in the ED Dr. Savannah Forrester and Dr. Christopher Skappak


5 tips for better use of medication for older adults in the ED To discuss and integrate in your patients management tips and tools for better use of medication for older adults in the ED  

Dr. Patrick Archambault



To head CT or to not head CT this older adult who fell ? To discuss the indications of head CT for older adults who suffered from a ground level fall Dr. Marcel Émond and Dr. Marie-Pier Lanoue
11 Falls assessment in the ED : 5 pearls and tips To integrate five tips and pearls in fall assessment in the ED. Dr. Anna Banks  and  Ioanna Genovezoa