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Academic Symposium 2024 - Research Committee

Novel Research Directions in a Post-Covid Era

Saturday, June 8, 2024 - 12:00 - 16:00

The Academic Symposium features presentations by three esteemed panels.

Panel 1: Establishing Methodological Standards for the Development of Artificial Intelligence-based Clinical Decision Support in Emergency Medicine

Leads: Hashim Kareemi (lead), Frank Scheuermeyer (co-lead), Kendall Ho (co-lead)

Panelists: Maxim Ben-Yakov, Elyse Berger Pelletier, Gautam Goel, Kiran Grant, Lars Grant, Justin Hall, Jake Hayward, Jessalyn Holodinsky, Henry Li, Shaun Mehta, Akshay Rajaram.

Panel Goal #1

Understand the landscape of AI-CDS models in the ED by conducting a scoping review of the literature and analyzing studies by their phase of development.

Panel Goal #2

Identify barriers and facilitators at the development stage of AI-CDS models that impact implementation into ED workflows by conducting a qualitative study involving interviews with experienced researchers.

Panel Goal #3

Establish consensus on research standards for the development of AI-CDS models for use in the ED by conducting a consensus activity with CAEP members at the academic symposium session.

Panel 2: Platform trials in emergency Medicine in Canada

Lead: Patrick Archambault

Panelists: Lorraine Graves (Patient partner), Shelley McLeod, Corinne Hohl. Shirin Golchi, Ivy Cheng, Andrew McRae, Srinivas Murthy

Panel Goal #1

Conduct a rapid review of the literature of existing platform trials conducted in the field of emergency medicine around the world to identify the barriers and facilitators to implementing platform trials in EDs.

Panel Goal #2

Interview key stakeholders in Emergency Medicine about the barriers, facilitators, and need for platform trials in EM.

Panel Goal #3

Formulate recommendations to support platform trials in Canadian emergency department settings.

Panel 3: Qualitative Research in Emergency Medicine

Lead: Patrick McLane

Panelists: Patrick Archambault, Cheryl Barnabe, Jennifer Bryan, Teresa Chan, Michael Corman, Katie Dainty, Annette Browne

Panel Goal #1

Explain the importance of qualitative research for the discipline of EM, with key examples.

Panel Goal #2

Discuss qualitative research as important for advancing equity, and valuing diverse worldviews.

Panel Goal #3

Develop guidance on conducting and publishing high quality qualitative research relevant to the discipline of EM.