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Academic Symposium

Academic Symposium 2023 - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee

Driving emergency medicine forward through virtual care and patient-centered approaches while ensuring provider wellbeing

Saturday, May 27, 2023 12:00 - 16:00

The Academic Symposium features presentations by three esteemed panels.

Panel 1: Recommendations for Person-Centered Emergency Care

Samuel Vaillancourt (Co-lead), Sasha Litwin (Co-lead), Simon Berthelot, Lindsay Clarke, Cathie Hofstetter, Morgan Hutchinson, Frederique Kyomi-Labelle, Shawn Mondoux, Amanda Sammann, Lucas Chartier (Academic Section), Eddy Lang (Academic Section)

Panel Goal #1

Describe how to use design methods to solve problems that are important to patients

Panel Goal #2

Define how patients can be meaningfully involved in emergency department improvements

Panel Goal #3

Delineate how we should measure impact from the patient perspective

Panel 2: Virtual Care

Shaun Mehta (Co-Lead), Katie Gardner (Co-lead), Sandy Tse, Justin Hall, Daniel Rosenfield, Kiran Grant, Kendall Ho, David Bradbury-Squires, Lucas Chartier (Academic Section), Eddy Lang (Academic Section)

Panel Goal #1

Characterize the evolution and current state of virtual care in emergency medicine in Canada in a post-pandemic world.

Panel Goal #2

Dissect key considerations in infrastructural, human resources and health system levels needed to support the evolution of virtual care models in emergency medicine.

Panel Goal #3

Provide quality improvement approaches and associated metrics required to support safe and sustainable models of virtual care in emergency medicine.

Panel 3: An Exploration of the Interplay between Wellbeing and Quality and Safety

Carmen Hrymak (Co-lead), Rod Lim (Co-lead), Al'ai Alvarez, Sheena Belisle, Jennifer Thull-Freedman, Sachin Trivedi, Eve Purdy, Lucas Chartier (Academic Section), Eddy Lang (Academic Section).

Panel Goal #1

Describe the interplay between well-being and QIPS

Panel Goal #2

Moving towards improved well-being using a QIPS framework

Panel Goal #3

Advancing QIPS through a well-being lens

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