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Academic Symposium 2022 - Education Scholarship

The Challenging Career Path of Emergency Medicine: Transitions in Training and Practice

Saturday, May 28, 2022 12:00 - 16:00

The Academic Symposium features presentations by three esteemed panels.

Panel 1: Call to Action: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Resident Selection Process

Catherine Patocka (Co-Lead), Robert Primavesi (Co-lead), Adam Burcheri, Alexandre Coutin, Alexandre Elhalwi, Amir Ali, Anjali Pandya, Austin Gagne, Bobby Johnston, Brent Thoma, Connie Leblanc, Frederic Fovet, John Gallinger (CaRMS), Juan Mohadeb, Mirna Raghed, Sandy Dong, Segun Oyedokun, Sheila Smith, Tate Newmarch, Vanessa Knight, Tamara McColl (Academic Section).

Panel Goal #1

Improve access to equitable health care for Canadians from equity-deserving populations

Panel Goal #2

Describe current resident selection processes with respect to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Panel Goal #3

Identify best practices to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in resident selction

Panel Goal #4

Propose recommendations for resident selection that will allow Canadian emergency medicine programs to achieve representation that reflects the diversity of the Canadian population

Panel Goal #5

Implement high-yield processes to incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion in resident selection

Panel 2: Ready for Practice? National Recommendations for Emergency Medicine Transition to Practice Curriculum

Warren Cheung (Co-lead), Tamara McColl (Co-lead & Academic Section), Alkarim Velji, Avik Nath, Daniel Ting, Fareen Zaver, Jason Frank, Kirk Magee, Lisa Thurgur, Mackenzie Russel, Quinten Patterson, Rob Woods, Stella Yiu

Panel Goal #1

Explore the curricular components and training experiences that Canadian Royal College EM residency training programs have used to prepare their graduates for independent practice

Panel Goal #2

Gather the perceived needs of senior residents, recent graduates and program leaders to inform a set of recommendations for TTP curricula.

Panel 3: Transitions within practice: Challenges and Recommendations

Heather Murray (Co-lead), Andrew Hall (Co-lead), Alexandra Stefan, Jill McEwen, Nicole Rocca, Teresa Chan, Teresa Wawrykow, Tim Chaplin, Tamara McColl (Academic Section)

Panel Goal #1

Identify various gaps in practice amongst Canadian emergency physicians.

Panel Goal #2

Explore current onboarding practices across Canada for physicians returning to clinical practice after extended leaves of absence.

Panel Goal #2

Determine ideal educational and support structures for physicians returning from gaps in practice in Emergency Medicine