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Thursday June 17

Track Chairs

Rod Lim


Chau Pham


Rodrick Lim is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Pediatrics & Medicine/Division of Emergency Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University in London Ontario. He is currently the chair of the Wellness Committee, and Leadership Committee for CAEP.

Dr. Chau Pham is an Emergency Physician at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. She is also the Ultrasound Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine. Of all the roles Chau has, what grounds her first and foremost are her two cherished roles of wife and mom.


Wellness Track: “Lens Looking Forward & Reflecting Back” We are looking forward to engaging with you on important wellness topics, especially after what we have all been through with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hoping to reflect on the past and look forward to our future. To achieve this, we have developed three meaningful questions, namely: 1) What can we take away from the pandemic that went well? 2) What can we learn from and take forward from colleagues who have fallen ill during the pandemic? 3) How do we build wellness into our systems beyond personal / individual initiatives?

Learning Objectives

Discuss the lessons learned from the “Great Pause” of the pandemic.

Understand how being a patient during the pandemic teaches one to be a better doctor.

Discuss systems-based interventions that are implemented by a department or organization to promote professional sustainability and wellness.

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Celebrating the Wins

Celebrating the Wins: At first glance, it seems like the last year has been all negative, however on reflection, the last year has brought us, as individuals and members of a larger community, many and sometimes surprising wins. This talk focuses on many of the positives we have to celebrate!

Learning Objectives

Describe the positive outcomes of the last year.
Identify and celebrate participants own wins from the pandemic.
Identify the good they’d like to continue to foster, moving forward.


Despite immensely difficult circumstances, there is often something to be grateful for.
The connections we have with our colleagues, patients, friends and families are a source of strength and pride
We have the capacity to actively foster the good in our lives.

How Being a Patient Made Me a Better Doctor

Discuss the impact of being a patient, when you work in health care
Discuss how doctors can subtly change how they interact with patients to deliver a much better experience

Why yoga & avocado toast is never the answer: How to spark systems change to restore joy in work

This talk will discuss how the challenge of Covid-19 has clarified the importance of addressing physician wellness, and will present a road map for individuals to follow when embarking on systems-based projects aimed at improving burnout and restoring professional fulfillment.

Learning Objectives

Name the 3 broad categories of professional fulfillment initiatives.
Understand the importance of the numbers 20% and 1% as it relates to joy in work.
Use the road map provided to initiate or support systems-based wellness activities in their own departments.


Restoring joy in work is a better goal than reducing burnout.
Finding a way to measure wellness in your department is a key first step.
Start with a small project related to camaraderie or efficiency of practice, that is within your circle of control.