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PoCUS & Imaging

Tuesday June 15

Track Chairs

Tom Jelic


Arun Sayal


Dr. Jelic completed his FRCP-EM residency at the University of Manitoba and went on to complete an emergency ultrasound fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He also is the PoCUS lead for the undergraduate program at the University of Manitoba and STARS Air Ambulance. His main areas of research interest are in resuscitative U/S, TEE and regional anesthesia.

An emergency physician at North York General Hospital in Toronto where he also runs a weekly Minor Fracture Clinic.


This PoCUS & Imaging track will provide unique CT, PoCUS and plain film pearls, including help in choosing the right test, making better use of current tests, and how PoCUS augments our use of traditional imaging modalities.

Learning Objectives

Understand CAR/CAEP statement on imaging guidelines.

Review plain film and CT imaging pearls.

Review how to incorporate PoCUS into MSK, renal colic and pediatric patients.


Taking an U/S course does not make one an expert.

Take the probe with you to every room.

Lean on your colleagues in other departments with U/S expertise and learn together.


CAR Imaging Referral Guidelines: Supporting the Clinical Decisions of Emergency Physicians

Learning Objectives

Explain the process for the CAR (Canadian Association of Radiologist) IRG (imaging referral guidelines) development
Apply a CAR IRG to a clinical scenario
Learn about the potential future of IRG’s and computerized clinical decision support (CDS)


CDS tools and IRG’s should not override clinical judgment
CDS tools and IRG’s are most useful for complex/high intensity imaging tests, particularly if evidence based guidelines are available
If applied correctly IRG’s and CDS can facilitate collaboration and communication

POCUS for Fractures in the ED

Tips & tricks on how to integrate POCUS for fracture diagnosis & management in your daily Emergency Department practice.

Learning Objectives

Describe the POCUS technique for fracture diagnosis
Name 4 occult fractures that can be detected with POCUS
Describe the use of POCUS for fracture reduction


Put a generous amount of gel & light probe pressure when you scan for fractures
Think of POCUS for “occult” fractures such as ribs, radial head, skull & sternum
POCUS-guided distal radius fracture reduction is a game-changer!

POCUS for Renal Colic

In this talk, we will briefly review the ultrasound scanning technique for patients presenting with signs and symptoms of renal colic. In addition, we will discuss some pearls and pitfalls and present a practical algorithm for incorporating renal POCUS into your practice.

Learning Objectives

Review the scanning technique for renal POCUS
Review some important pearls and pitfalls of the scan
Present an algorithm for incorporating this scan into your ED practice


POCUS is safe and effective for renal colic
The absence of hydronephrosis should prompt a search for other causes of pain
Incorporation of a renal POCUS algorithm may reduce CT use and shorten length of stay in the ED

What can you see with Paediatric POCUS?

This talk will focus on ways to use your POCUS skills for your younger patients – what differences and similarities are there, and how can you grow your POCUS practice?

Learning Objectives

Familiarise yourself with some differences in common EM POCUS scans in paediatrics
Discover paediatric-specific applications of POCUS
Integrate POCUS into your decision making for paediatric patients

How to Become a PoCUS Jedi – From Padawan to Jedi

How many times have you taken a U/S course, only to come back to your ED and not feel comfortable using your new skills. This talk aims to provide tips to maintain and improve your skills.

Learning objectives

Identify your own limits
Develop your own QA system
Learn which colleagues to lean and learn on


Taking an U/S course does not make one an expert
Take the probe with you to every room
Lean on your colleagues in other departments with U/S expertise and learn together