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Medical Education

13:30-15:00 CT

Wednesday June 16

Track Chairs

Teresa Chan


Rob Woods


Dr. Chan (@TChanMD) is a lead educator and education scientist from McMaster University. She is an advocate of #FOAMed and digital education.

ER Physician and STARS Transport in Saskatoon. Residency Program Director and Medical Education Fellowship Director. Chair Education Scholarship Committee and Decision Editor CJEM.


The Education track at CAEP will have 4 cutting edge topics, a choice of 1 of 2 practical workshops and the Education Innovation Abstract competition.

Learning Objectives

Apply cutting edge medical education concepts into their education practice.


A Sponsor: Have One. Become One

As diversity in medicine increases, it is imperative that sponsorship is in full force to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders — regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation – achieve success in academic emergency medicine. We will challenge your existing ideas of mentorship and empower you to engage in creating a culture of sponsorship in your institutions.

Learning Objectives
Describe the role of a sponsor as it pertains to academic medicine
Delineate differences and similarities between sponsorship and mentorship
Establish the expectations of sponsors and protegés in a sponsorship relationship

Make your circle bigger
Sponsor a new voice
Thank your sponsors

Innovations in Clerkship Education

This talk will briefly describe the structure, duration and educational components of Canadian Emergency Clerkship programs.  The talk will focus primarily on innovations in Clerkship education that have been developed including those specifically related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Resources will be shared.

Learning Objectives

Briefly describe the organization of Canadian Emergency Medicine Clerkship programs.

Identify educational innovations applicable to Emergency Medicine Clerkship programs.

Describe the implementation of new educational innovations.


There is significant variability in the organization of Emergency Medicine clerkship programs across Canada.

Resources will be provided for educational innovations that can be implemented into a clerkship program.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a variety of changes to the delivery of educational content.

CMPA and Medical Education:  What does the future hold?

By the end of this presentation, the audience will understand how the CMPA improves patient safety through its education of physicians and how we will offer innovative CME to emergency physicians to help address their perceived and unperceived educational needs.

Learning Objectives

Increased awareness of CMPA educational offerings
Understand the link between enhancing patient safety and reducing medico-legal risk
Explore what future CME could look like


Consider not just want you want to learn about but what your unperceived needs may be
When engaging in CME, think holistically about your practice

A Guide for Transition to Practice

Description Coming Soon

Learning Objectives

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

EPA: Best Practices

Best practices for filling out EPAs   Common pitfalls and strategies for improving comment quality for learner development and CC evaluation.

Learning Objectives

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Best Practice in Documenting Work-based Assessments

Descirption Coming Soon

Learning Objectives
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Academic Branding: Developing Your Program’s Digital Identity

Each program is unique with differences in mission, culture, and structure. Understanding and refining your program’s brand can be important for building a more cohesive direction and helping applicants select which program is the right fit for them.

Learning Objectives
Explain why branding is important.
Discuss the difference between brand identity and brand image.
Discuss strategies to strengthen a program’s brand.

Ensure that the mission, vision, and brand are consistent.
Engage multiple stakeholders in brand assessment discussions.
Audit the brand regularly.