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Leadership and Admin (LeAd) and Flow

Thursday June 17

Track Chairs

Connie Leblanc


Eddy Lang


I love life and laughter. Happy to be in the ED with like minded people getting a glimpse at life’s backstage. See you at CAEP!

Eddy Lang is a Professor and Department Head for Emergency Medicine at Cumming School of Medicine- University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. The Scientific Director of the Emergency Strategic Clinical Network ESCN in Alberta. His areas of interest are knowledge translation, evidence-based medicine and operations research.


In this dynamic and interactive session, we will reframe our view of the Covid-19 pandemic in how it has traumatized, shaped and provided opportunity for Emergency Medicine as a discipline. We have been the brave, the engaged, the adaptive and the resilient. Long before it was in fashion, we have cared for those with substance misuse, limited resources and no other avenues for their medical care.

Emergency Medicine has gained political capital and broad support as the movers, the shakers, the advocates and the leaders. Now is the time to review, reflect and reframe how we see the future for our discipline and ourselves. Come share your time and perspective with Emergency Medicine leaders from across Canada to learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes and plan for a better future!

Learning Objectives

Reframe the recent changes in leadership as opportunities- the Golden Lining
Value and prioritize our unique EM skillset and integrate it into your work
Invent the future, using lessons learned and political capital gained, that will meet our needs and of course that of our patients


Leading and Flow: Using the Golden Lining of Covid-19 to Catalyze Change

The saying goes: “never let a good crisis go to waste”. This talk will be an opportunity about what we can learn about the role of emergency physicians in leadership during an unprecedented public health crisis. How does that help us lead in the future and be ready for the next pandemic?

Learning Objectives

Reflect on why emergency physicians have unique leadership skills
List how we can encourage leadership skill development among ourselves and others
Identify future opportunities for innovation and leadership identified by the Covid19 pandemic


Emergency physicians have unique skillsets that enable effective leadership
Leadership can take many forms in the healthcare system
Crisis creates opportunity and a chance to make a stronger, better healthcare system