Bruce Campana

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 • 15:30- 17:00
Track 5 – DebatED
WCC: Ballroom B

Debate - Dr. Aaron Davison, Dr. Andrew MacPherson, Dr. Joe Haegert, Dr. Doug Brown, Dr. Joe Finkler, Dr. Jeffrey Eppler, Dr. Connie Leblanc, and Dr. Stuart Swadron


Modeled after the popular CBC radio show “The Debaters” where two individuals square off on current topics, “DebatED” will feature well known emergency physicians sharing their viewpoints about several issues that are relevant to the ED today.  Join us as we tackle burning issues like: “Should EPs wear standard uniforms?”, “Does a C-collar cause more harm than good?”, and “Should we have massage breaks during shifts?”

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about current topics and controversies in the EM literature
  • Understand and have more appreciation for several “hot” topics in emergency medicine