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Session A Moderator: Dr. Andrew Worster

9:40 – 9:48 MP01 – Retention and treatment outcomes for patients with substance use disorders treated in a rapid access to addiction medicine clinic Mr. David Wiercigroch
9:48 – 9:56 MP02 – Diagnostic, medical, and surgical interventions that reduce emergency hospital admissions: a systematic review of systematic reviews of 215 randomized controlled trials Dr. Dylan Collins
9:56 – 10:04 MP03 – Strategies to minimize impact of electronic health record implementation on emergency department flow. Dr. Eric Grafstein
10:04 – 10:12 MP04 – rEDirect: Safety and Compliance of an Emergency Department Diversion Protocol for Mental Health and Addictions Patients Dr. Robert Ohle

Session B Moderator: Dr. Catherine Varner

9:40 – 9:48 MP05 – Diagnostic Accuracy of Point of Care Ultrasound in Undifferentiated Hypotension Presenting to the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review Dr. Lucas Richardson
9:48 – 9:56 MP06 – Impact of Anticoagulation on Mortality and Resource Utilization Among Critically Ill Patients with Major Bleeding in the Emergency Department Dr. Garrick Mok
9:56 – 10:04 MP07 – Diagnosis of Elevated Intracranial Pressure in Critically Ill Adults – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Dr. Shannon Fernando
10:04 – 10:12 MP08 – The frequency of emergency departments visits for patients with end-of-life conditions: a call for action Mr. Scott Kirkland

Top 8 Research Posters Moderator: Dr. Kerstin de Wit

16:30 – 16:38 MP09 – Critical care skills training day for emergency medicine residents: A curriculum in evolution Mr. Jamie Riggs
16:38 – 16:46 MP10 – Does early intervention improve outcomes for patients with acute ureteral colic? Dr. Grant Innes
16:46 – 16:54 MP11 – Evaluation of a pharmacist-led antimicrobial stewardship service in a pediatric emergency department Dr. Melanie MacInnis
16:54 – 17:02 MP12 – Preparing emergency patients and providers study: patient expectations and factors leading to presentation Mr. Benjamin Rose-Davis
17:02 – 17:10 MP13 – Association between the quantity of subcutaneous fat and the inter-device agreement of two tissue oximeters Dr. Alexis Cournoyer
17:10 – 17:18 MP14 – Use of Conventional Cardiac Troponin Assay for Diagnosis of Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: ‘The Ottawa Troponin Pathway’ Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy
17:18 – 17:26 MP15 – Blood Transfusion In Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Evaluating Physician Practices In The Emergency Department Ms. Simrat Sandha
17:26 – 17:34 MP16 – Which PoCUS skills are retained over time for medical students? Mr. Luke Edgar

Top 8 Education Innovation Posters Moderator: Dr. Rob Primavesi

16:30 – 16:38 MP17 – Education Innovation: A tool to teach consultation skills using rapid cycle deliberate practice Mr. Rory Killam
16:38 – 16:46 MP18 – Addressing unrealistic expectations: a novel transition to discipline curriculum in emergency medicine Dr. Lorne Costello
16:46 – 16:54 MP19 – Creation and implementation of an educational emergency medicine clinical handbook Dr. Omar Anjum
16:54 – 17:02 MP20 – Resuscitative thoracotomy: development of a video curriculum to teach a rare procedure Dr. Chris Poss
17:02 – 17:10 MP21 – A brief educational session is effective for teaching emergency medicine residents resuscitative transesophageal echocardiography Dr. Jordan Chenkin
17:10 – 17:18 MP22 – Guiding practice transition with a Faculty mentorship program Dr. Stella Yiu
17:18 – 17:26 MP23 – Giving medical students what they deserve – a rigorous, equitable and defensible CaRMS selection process Dr. Quinten Paterson
17:26 – 17:34 MP24 – The University of Ottawa’s Department of Emergency Medicine pre-internship boot camp: a descriptive review Dr. Sean Patrick

Top 7 QIPS Posters Moderator: Dr. Lucas Chartier

16:30 – 16:38 MP25 – Implementation of pain order sets to decrease the time to analgesics in the emergency department: a quality improvement initiative in progress Mr. Kosalan Akilan
16:38 – 16:46 MP26 – Development and evaluation of a novel emergency physician fan-out mechanism at an urban centre for use in mass casualty incidents. Dr. Josh Melegrito
16:46 – 16:54 MP27 – Designing team success – an engineering solution to avoid chest tube equipment chaos using best available evidence, consensus and prototyping. Mr. Robert Hanlon
16:54 – 17:02 MP28 – Reigniting improvements in emergency departments – New approaches to resolving unsolvable problems Dr. Neil Barclay
17:02 – 17:10 MP30 – Implementing Buprenorphine/Naloxone in Emergency Departments for Opioid Agonist Treatment: A Quality Improvement Initiative Dr. Patrick McLane
17:10 – 17:18 MP31 – Safely reducing emergency physician admission rate through audit and feedback Dr. Neil Barclay
17:18 – 17:26 MP32 – Mid-morning huddle: a coordinated team approach to facilitating disposition of older adults Ms. Nikki Kelly

Session A Moderator: Dr. Jacques Lee

10:15 – 10:23 MP33 – Predictors of delirium in older patient at the emergency department: a prospective multicentre derivation study Dr. Marcel Emond
10:23 – 10:31 MP34 – Elder abuse in the emergency department: a systematic scoping review Dr. Eric Mercier
10:31 – 10:39 MP35 – Acceptability of older patients’ self-assessment in the Emergency Department (ACCEPTED) – a randomized cross-over trial Ms. Valérie Boucher
10:39 – 10:47 MP36 – Short-term side effects associated with opioids for acute pain. Dr. Raoul Daoust

Session B Moderator: Dr. Ian Stiell

10:15 – 10:23 MP37 – Adherence to Canadian Cardiovascular Society guidelines for prescribing oral anticoagulants to patients with atrial fibrillation in the emergency department. Mr. David Hung
10:23 – 10:31 MP38 – Are we missing pulmonary embolism in acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease presenting to the emergency department?: Multicenter insights into incidence of concomitant disease and yield of testing. Mr. Daniel Moussienko
10:31 – 10:39 MP39 – Reducing overcapacity: applying the LEAN model to length of stay in the emergency department Mr. Nathan Wilson
10:39 – 10:47 MP40 – Psychological distress in patients following pulmonary embolism diagnosis Ms. Anna Tran

Session A Moderator: Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag

9:40 – 9:48 MP41 – Feeling the flow: an evaluation of the GridlockED workshop experience Mr. Stephen Hale
9:48 – 9:56 MP42 – Program Assessment: Taking stock of the current state of Canadian Undergraduate Medical Education in Procedural Skills Curricula Mr. Frank Battaglia
9:56 – 10:04 MP43 – Evaluation of undergraduate point of care ultrasound instruction in a rural Canadian medical school Dr. Zach Kuehner
10:04 – 10:12 MP44 – Emergency department perceptions of routine in-situ simulation Dr. Catherine Cox

Session B Moderator: Dr. Natalie Le Sage

9:40 – 9:48 MP45 – Rate control management of rapid atrial fibrillation in the emergency department Mr. Brenton Wong
9:48 – 9:56 MP46 – Creatine Kinase in the Emergency Department: Antiquated Relic or Useful Adjunct in Diagnosis of NSTEMI: A Systematic Review Dr. Daniel Beamish
9:56 – 10:04 MP47 – A systematic review of local complications from central and peripheral administration of vasopressors in the pediatric population Dr. Reid Sadoway
10:04 – 10:12 MP48 – White blood cells count and C-reactive protein performance to identify severe bacterial infection in the fever without a source workup of infants 22 to 60 days old Dr. Geneviève Gravel

Session A Moderator: Dr. Kerstin de Wit

14:30 – 14:38 MP49 – Prehospital Oxygen Administration to Suspected Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Ms. Jennifer Greene
14:38 – 14:46 MP50 – National Survey of 9-1-1 Ambulance Communication Centers’ Resources Related to Prehospital Recognition of Agonal Breathing and Cardiac Arrest Ms. Manya Charette
14:46 – 14:54 MP51 – Assessment of Predictors of Deterioration in Mild traumatic Brain Injury with Intracranial Hemorrhage at Emergency Department Mr. Émile Fortier
14:54 – 15:02 MP52 – Prehospital Opioid Administration to Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients: A Systematic Review Ms. Jennifer Greene

Session B Moderator: Dr. Rohit Mohindra

14:30 – 14:38 MP53 – Management of cutaneous abscesses in the emergency department: a survey of Canadian practice patterns Dr. Brad Rostas
14:38 – 14:46 MP54 – The prevalence and pattern of drugs detected in injured drivers in four Canadian provinces. Dr. Jeffrey Brubacher
14:46 – 14:54 MP55 – Characteristics associated with biphasic reactions in an adult population Dr. Audrée Lachance
14:54 – 15:02 MP56 – A National Survey of Burnout and Mentorship Programs Amongst Royal College Emergency Medicine Residents Mr. Robin Liu