Sunday, May 26, 2019
Track 1 - Research Abstracts
Track Chairs: Dr. Andrew McRae & Dr. Justin Yan
Room: 104

Description: The overall goal of the Research Track at CAEP 2019 is to present the very best work of Canadian Emergency Medicine Researchers completed in the past year.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the environment of emergency medicine research studies occurring at a local, regional, and national level.
  2. Consider implementing recent evidence-based findings in improving the clinical care of emergency department patients.
  3. Foster discussion with like-minded colleagues to explore future research directions and advancements in emergency medicine.

Moderator: Ms. Shelley McLeod

10:15 – 10:25 LO01 – Development and validation of an adjustment score for ruling out MI using a single high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T assay in patients with chest pain and kidney dysfunction. Dr. Andrew McRae
10:25 – 10:35 LO02 – Development of the HEARTRISK6 Scale for Emergency Department Patients with Acute Heart Failure Dr. Ian Stiell
10:35 – 10:45 LO03 – Validation of The Ottawa Troponin Pathway Mr. Brandon Lam
10:45 – 10:55 LO04 – Canadian Best Practice Diagnostic algorithm for Acute Aortic Syndrome Dr. Robert Ohle
10:55 – 11:05 LO05 – Influence du délai avant le retour de circulation spontanée sur la survie des patients souffrant d’un arrêt cardiaque extrahospitalier Dr. Alexis Cournoyer
11:05 – 11:15 LO06 – Évolution du rythme en fonction du délai avant l’initiation des manœuvres de réanimation chez des patients souffrant d’un arrêt cardiaque extrahospitalier Dr. Alexis Cournoyer
11:15 – 11:25 LO07 – Double Sequential External Defibrillation improves termination of Ventricular Fibrillation and Return of Spontaneous Circulation in shock-refractory Out-of- Hospital Cardiac Arrest Dr. Sheldon Cheskes
11:25 – 11:35 LO08 – Defibrillation energy dose during pediatric cardiac arrest: systematic review of human and animal model studies Dr. Eric Mercier
11:35 – 11:45 LO09 – Variation entre les taux de retour de circulation spontané préhospitalier et les délais de réanimation avant ceux-ci en fonction du rythme initial chez les patients souffrant d’un arrêt cardiaque extrahospitalier Dr. Alexis Cournoyer

Moderator: Dr. Justin Yan

13:00 – 13:10 LO11 – Influence of fear of falling on return to emergency department and further falls in community-dwelling elderly presenting for minor trauma Ms. Marie-Pier Lanoue
Resident Research Abstract Award
13:10 – 13:20 LO12 – Efficacy of calcitonin for treating acute pain associated with osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis Ms. Emily Boucher
13:20 – 13:30 LO13 – Characteristics of emergency department visits by community-dwelling older adults who screened positive for elder abuse during home care assessments Dr. Eric Mercier
13:30 – 13:40 LO14 – Unrecognized delirium in a cohort of older ED patients assessed at a tertiary care center: signs of improvement? Dr. Jacques Lee
13:40 – 13:50 LO15 – The incidence of intracranial bleeding following a fall on level ground in geriatric patients Dr. Kerstin de Wit
13:50 – 14:00 LO16 – Predictors of appropriate hospitalization in elderly patients Dr. Grant Innes
14:00 – 14:10 LO17 – Barriers and Enablers that Influence Guideline-Based Care of Geriatric Falls Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department Dr. Adam Parks
14:10 – 14:20 LO18 – The effectiveness of parenteral agents to reduce relapse in patients with acute migraine in emergency settings: a systematic review Ms. Jillian Meyer
14:20 – 14:30 LO19 – Should emergency physicians bother offering triptans to patients with acute migraine? A systematic review of parenteral agents Mr. Lloyd Visser

Moderator: Dr. Damon Dagnone

15:00 – 15:10 LO22 – Does Point-of-Care Ultrasonography Improve Diagnostic Accuracy in Emergency Department Patients With Undifferentiated Hypotension? An International Randomized Controlled Trial From the SHoC-ED Investigators Dr. Mandy Peach
15:10 – 15:20 LO23 – Identifying patient values and expectations for pulmonary embolism CT scanning in the emergency department Ms. Vidushi Swarup
CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Award
15:20 – 15:30 LO24 – What patients need early surgical intervention for acute ureteric colic? Dr. Grant Innes
15:30 – 15:40 LO25 – Use of Glasgow Blatchford Score, time to endoscopy, and proton pump inhibitor use in patients presenting with upper gastrointestinal bleeding to the emergency department Ms. Simrat Sandha
15:40 – 15:50 LO26 – Are ED Physicians Contributing to the Opioid Epidemic? Dr. Garrick Mok
15:50 – 16:00 LO27 – Risk factors for misuse of prescribed opioids: a systematic review and meta-analysis Ms. Amber Cragg
16:00 – 16:10 LO28 – Emergency department gastrointestinal presentations related to marijuana ingestion: a single centre retrospective study Dr. John Teefy
16:10 – 16:20 LO29 – Unexplained variation in ‘To-Go’ opioid prescribing across Emergency Departments in a large Canadian cohort Dr. Jake Hayward
Resident Research Abstract Award
16:20 – 16:30 LO30 – Assessing screening tools to identify patients with palliative care needs in the emergency department: a systematic review Mr. Scott Kirkland