Residents, medical students, nurses, and allied health members, CAEP is giving one free conference registration to the creator of the best medical meme prior to CAEP 2018.

The rules are simple. Create a hilarious, unique, medicine related meme and send it to us via email at along with your Twitter handle. Memes will be Tweeted out by the @CAEPConference Twitter and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #CAEP18.

Each individual can enter up to 3 memes into the contest. The best memes will be determined by the conference committee, which will primarily be determined by number of retweets, likes and other social media metrics. The best memes will be featured at CAEP 2018, and the winning meme will receive free conference registration.

If you’ve never made a meme before, it is very easy to do, simply search for “meme generator” online (eg. Google) and your first hits are easy to use sites.

The deadline for meme submission is May 1st, 2018. The winner will be announced May 4th, 2018.

Offensive memes or those containing profanity will not be considered, nor will those that make fun of non-ED physicians (eg. patients, consultants, RNs, etc.) That said, ED physicians are fair game.

Attending physicians are also welcome to join in the fun, but free registration will be reserved for students, residents and allied health (eg. PT, OT, RN, RT, Pharmacy, EMT, Paramedic, etc)

Happy meme-ing

CAEP 2018 Organizing Committee