Dr. Paul Atkinson
Just the Facts

Dr. Erin Brennan
Simulation Olympiad

Dr. Sam Campbell
Just the Facts

Dr. David Carr

Dr. Lucas Chartier
Brag and Steal

Dr. Shawn Dowling
Choosing Wisely

Dr. Alan Drummond
Out of the Ivory Tower

Dr. Jim Ducharme
Acute Pain in the ED

Dr. Debra Eagles
Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Eppler
Drugs in the ED

Dr. Jason Frank

Dr. Jeffrey Freeman
hERetic – Probing the Myths

Dr. Jonathan Guilfoyle
How to Manage Pediatric Trauma

Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis
Not the (Pediatric) Ivory Tower

Dr. Gordon Neil
EMS & Disaster EM

Dr. Joe Nemeth
How To

Dr. James Stempien
We All Screw Up Sometimes

Dr. John Tallon
Rising Star

Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy
Grizzly Den

Dr. Andrew Worster
Stampede BEEM

Dr. Fareen Zaver

Dr. Peter Zed
Drugs in the ED