We are thrilled to announce the return of SONOGAMES at CAEP18.

After last year’s inaugural event in Whistler, The SONOGAMES working group (of the CAEP Emergency Ultrasound Committee) asked all involved for feedback on how the games might be improved – you answered and we listened!

For #CAEP18, we are enthusiastically preparing the following format:

  • Introducing the Qualifying Rounds! Residents expressed a strong desire to compete for the chance to advance for the final. Each team will get 45 minutes to complete 6 stations. The top scoring teams will advance to the final! The Qualifying Rounds will run on Monday morning.
  • The SONOGAMES finale will be 45 minutes of high impact learning and emergency ultrasound pearls wrapped up in game show edutainment! Audience members expressed to us that while the CAEP17 SONOGAMES were fun – they were a bit long and we agreed! This year the finale will be much tighter and will close up the Emergency Ultrasound Track on Tuesday afternoon.

Other key features include:

– Resident teams can be either institution based or regional – it’s up to you!
– 3 member teams (where 1 member can be an allied health professional)
– Audience members can be called on to help out their favorite final teams

Contact caepsonogames@gmail.com to register your team or for more details!

Looking forward to the games,

The CAEP SONOGAMES Working Group

Drs. Tom Jelic, Dan Kim, Paul Olszynski, Chau Pham, Louise Rang, Laurie Robichaud, Rob Simard, Joel Turner, Michael Woo