Plenary Speakers

Dr. Brian Goldman

Dr. Goldman’s style on stage is earnest, heartfelt and sincere. On stage it becomes clear that he has a passion for compassion. Dr. Goldman makes complex medical issues digestible for audiences. He personalizes medicine and the human frailties of his profession. He is unafraid to address tough or controversial issues head on in a comprehensive way. Dr. Goldman is one of those rare individuals with great success in not one but several adrenaline-pumping careers. He is a highly regarded emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He is also the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s award-winning radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, where he takes listeners behind the scenes of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Dr. Goldman unpacks and demystifies what goes on inside medicine’s sliding doors – with edgy topics that include the whistle blowing in health care, burnout among health professionals, racism in health care and how to getting to the head of the line in health care. His inspiring yet bracingly honest TEDx talk about medical errors—which has been viewed on the Internet almost one million times—has cemented his reputation as one of his generation’s keenest observers of the culture of modern medicine.

A bestselling author of the book The Night Shift: Real Life in the ER, Dr. Goldman takes readers through giddying heights and crashing lows as he works through a typical night shift in one of Canada’s busiest ERs. His second book The Secret Language of Doctors is a biting look at medical slang. It cracks the coded words doctors use in hospital elevators and hallways that reveal what the doctor really thinks about your mother’s obesity, your grandfather’s dementia or her colleague’s competence. Dr. Goldman has worked as a health reporter for The National, CBC Television’s flagship news program, for CBC-TV’s The Health Show, and served as senior production executive during the launch year of Discovery Health Channel, Canada’s only 24-hour channel devoted to health programming.

The Best of Canadian EM Research – The Top 4 Abstracts

Jeffrey Perry

Grant Innes Research Paper and Presentation Award Winner
1st plenary presentation

Multicentre before-after implementation study of the Ottawa subarachnoid hemorrhage strategy
Stephen Freedman

Top Pediatric Abstract Award
2nd plenary presentation

Probiotic Regimen for Outpatient Gastroenteritis – Utility of Treatment (PROGUT) Study: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
Akram Mokhtari

Top Medical Student Research Abstract Award
3rd plenary presentation

Prophylactic administration of diphenhydramine to reduce neuroleptic side-effects in the acute care setting: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Alyssa Ness

4th plenary presentation

Effectiveness of hospital avoidance interventions among elderly patients: a systematic review

Mr. Richard Bartrem: Building a Customer Service Culture in Healthcare

Customer service is a make-or-break issue for companies and organizations of all sizes, and Canada’s

WestJet has got it down to a science. Based in Calgary, WestJet has been ranked among the top three brands in the country for the past five years and has received countless customer service awards since its founding in 1996. How do they do it?

To find out, join WestJet’s Vice-President of Marketing Communication, Richard Bartrem, to learn the secrets to WestJet’s success and how the airline maintains a loyal guest base.

Richard is the Vice-President, Marketing Communications at WestJet. His responsibilities include external communications, public relations, social media, sponsorship, community investment and creative services. He joined WestJet in 2005 as Director, Brand and Communications. Richard began his career with Unilever in 1988 where, over the next twelve years, he held a variety of sales and marketing positions in Montréal, Halifax, Calgary and Toronto. Richard left Unilever in 2000 and spent five years working for Astral Media in television in Toronto and was responsible for marketing for The Movie Network and Mpix brands. A native of Montréal, Richard now resides in Calgary with his wife and two children. His favourite WestJet destination is Maui and he loves the free snack mix on board the plane!

Dr. Jeffrey Kline: Clinical Wisdom Springs from Cognitive Empathy

The lecturer will describe what he has learned about diagnosis in emergency care in the past 25 years as an emergency physician and researcher. The talk describes a personal  and philosophical shift from creating research success, toward creating humanism in how emergency physicians generate diagnostic hypotheses.  In particular, the talk describes how weak empathy can be a root cause of diagnostic error (which includes failures as well as over testing) and a focus on what we can do at the bedside to improve empathy to reduce cognitive error.


Dr. Jeffrey Kline received his MD from the Medical College of Virginia, and then did an emergency medicine residency followed by a research fellowship the Carolinas Medical Center. He now serves as Vice Chair of Research in emergency medicine and a professor of physiology at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is the present Editor In Chief of Academic Emergency Medicine. His research interest focuses on blood clots, the people who have them, and the people who diagnose and treat them.

In the area of diagnosis, Kline’s main interests are in intuitive decision making, pretest probability and capnography to reduce medical imaging. His human treatment research includes mechanisms of resistance to fibrinolysis, use of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate signaling pathway to overcome pulmonary vasospasm and platelet hyperactivation during PE.  His laboratory work focuses on mechanisms and treatment of acute pulmonary hypertension and platelet hyperactivation from pulmonary embolism. He is the cofounder of Indian Lysis Technologies LLC, a company that seeks to translate nanoparticle-delivered plasmin for clot lysis into clinical use.