Wednesday, May 30, 2018 • 10:30 - 12:00
Track Chair: Dr. Nadim Lalani
Room: TELUS Glen 203-204

Side Effects: The Unintended Consequences of an ED Life - Dr. Marc Cherniwchan

Description: A examination of what works in healthy workplaces for individual ER physicians and groups of practitioners, and what (conversely) actively prevents this.

Learning Objectives:

  1. 8 ‘Barometers’ of Well-Being/A Physician Sel-Assessment Tool
  2. Knowing the parameters of a healthy workplace
  3. Knowing how to encourage ‘agents of change’ to come forward

Imposter Syndrome - Dr. Fareen Zaver

Description: It is estimated that 70% of both men and women experience at least one episode of imposter syndrome in their lives. These feelings are especially intense at times of significant change such as the beginning of medical school or residency, or starting as new staff.      This session will highlight preconceived notions of imposter syndrome, present current literature and illustrate examples of successful individuals in all fields of work that have openly discussed and overcome their imposter syndrome. Participants will then be given the tools to recognize the most common signs of imposter syndrome. The session will conclude with tangible solutions to manage the imposter syndrome. These solutions can be applied both by the individual participant as well as utilized to aid their struggling colleagues and students.

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of this session, participants will have a strong understanding of the imposter syndrome and its negative impact in medicine and medical education.
  2. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to recognize the signs of imposter syndrome in themselves and their colleagues.
  3. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to apply specific techniques and tools to mitigate the imposter syndrome

Sedating Your Inner Troll: Self-Talk and Self-Leadership - Dr. Nadim Lalani


Learning Objectives: