Moderated posters will be available in the TELUS Exhibit Hall Foyer. There is a moderated poster session on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings, and a special Wine and Cheese session on Sunday afternoon featuring the “Top 7 Research Posters,” the “Top 7 Education Innovation Posters,” and the “Top 7 QIPS Posters.”

Participants will present their latest research, clinical studies or case presentations in a moderated poster format during the following times:

Moderated Posters Wine & Cheese

Poster set up/tear down: 07:00 – 08:30/18:00-20:00

Top 7 Research Posters
Moderator: Justin Yan

16:30 – 16:38 MP08 – A novel measure to capture transactional stress in Paramedic Services Matthew Davis
16:39 – 16:46 MP09 – Incidence of emergency department induced delirium: a Canadian two years prospective study Valérie Boucher
16:47 – 16:54 MP10 – Implementation of the PulsePoint Mobile Device Application in Kingston, Ontario, Canada:  A Pilot Study on Crowdsourcing Bystander CPR for Victims of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Sherine Ensan
16:55 – 17:03 MP11 – Underreport of incident delirium in elderly patients treated in the emergency department Valérie Boucher
17:04 – 17:11 MP12 – Emergency department boarding: predictors and outcomes Leila Salehi
17:12 – 17:19 MP13 – Accuracy of Korean triage and acuity scale when pain severity is used as a modifier Min Joung Kim
17:20 – 17:28 MP14 – Community paramedic point of care blood analysis: Validity and usability testing of two commercially available devices Ian Blanchard

Top 7 Education Innovation Posters
Moderator: Andrew Hall

16:30 – 16:38 MP15 – Innovative use of simulation to consolidate pediatric didactic curriculum. A pilot in Emergency Department Continuing Medical Education Caroline Filipowska
16:39 – 16:46 MP16 – Development, implementation and evaluation of a curriculum for healthcare students working at electronic dance music events Rebecca Schonnop
16:47 – 16:54 MP17 – Evaluating the Efficacy of the Flipped Classroom Model in Postgraduate Emergency Medicine Training Adriana O. Krawchenko-Shawarsky
16:55 – 17:03 MP18 – Development and implementation of a workshop for advanced care planning and goals of care conversations in the emergency department Carmen Fletcher
17:04 – 17:11 MP19 – Interprofessional airway microskill checklists facilitate the deliberate practice of direct intubation with a bougie and airway manikins James P. French
17:12 – 17:19 MP20 – ImageSim – performance-based medical image interpretation learning system Kathy Boutis
17:20 – 17:28 MP21 – Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship: Establishing a Global EM training program at Queen’s University Amanda Collier

Top 7 Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Posters
Moderator: Lucas Chartier

16:30 – 16:38 MP22 – Improving treatment of children’s presenting and procedural pain for emergency department visits: A province-wide quality improvement collaborative Jennifer Thull-Freedman
16:39 – 16:46 MP23 – A collaborative quality improvement initiative to improve the time to electrocardiogram in patients with chest pain presenting to the emergency department Heather C. Lindsay
16:47 – 16:54 MP24 – Doc in the box: effectiveness of physician initial assessment at triage in the emergency department Joanna A. Bostwick
16:55 – 17:03 MP25 – The quality improvement and patient safety curriculum for emergency medicine residents at the University of Toronto: Results from the first cohort Amy H Y. Cheng
17:04 – 17:11 MP26 – An emergency department team-based quality improvement initiative reduces narcotic and benzodiazepine ‘to-go’ medication administration Devin Harris
17:12 – 17:19 MP27 – Publishing emergency department wait times in the waiting room: implementation and evaluation of a co-designed patient centered solution Samantha Calder-Sprackman
17:20 – 17:28 MP28 – Reducing door-to-needle times across Alberta to 36 minutes Noreen Kamal