Gerald Lazarenko

Sunday, May 27, 2018 • 15:00 - 16:30
Track 2 - EMS
Track Chair: Dr. Gerald Lazarenko

EMS Trauma Update, Issues and Evidence - Dr. John Tallon

Description: I will review and summarize current challenges facing Canadian EMS services in treating and transporting major trauma patients and associated evidence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Trauma and EMS overview: Epidemiology and Mandate
  2. Chest decompression depth issues and intervention options
  3. Advanced airway options for EMS


  1. Chest decompression depth is greater than most catheters
  2. Surgical airway options include bougie-cric as preferred method
  3. Evidence for RSI in EMS trauma resuscitation remains low quality

Biography: VP Clinical and Medical Programs BCEHS Clinical Professor UBC Adjunct Professor Dalhousie University

TBD - Dr. Ian Phelps


Biography: Dr. Ian Phelps graduated from the University of Calgary, with his Doctor of Medicine Degree, in 2001.  Prior to enrolling in medical school, Dr. Phelps worked as an EMT, Paramedic, Educator and Director of Ambulance Services while obtaining his bachelor’s and masters’ degrees.  He obtained his certification in Family Medicine in 2003 and his specialty certification in Emergency Medicine in 2007.

Dr. Phelps has been an EMS Medical Director for Palliser Health Region and the AHS South Zone, before becoming the Senior Medical Director of EMS for Alberta Health Services in 2009.  Currently he leads a team of 17 Emergency Physicians who oversee the practice of 6000 paramedics in the Province of Alberta.  He also maintains his clinical work as an Emergency Physician in Fort McMurray and Brooks, Alberta.


AHS EMS Medical Control Protocols - A Review and Lessons Learned - Mr. Steen Pederson

Description: History of MCP development in a large organization.  The perils and pitfalls, the value of collaboration and the use of technology will all be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. History of the Process
  2. Perils, Pitfalls and Electronic Apps
  3. Lessons Learned


  1. Use a multi-disciplinary team
  2. Understanding the interconnection of MCP and the complexity of the final product
  3. Be friends and partners with your Government regulators

Biography: I am the Provincial Director for EMS Quality and Patient Safety.  I have 30 years of experience in EMS.  Most of my clinical time was spent with the City of Calgary before moving in to Leadership positions within Calgary EMS and then, ultimately in to Alberta Health Services.

EMS Park / Hallway Care - Mr. Randy Bryksa, Dr. Judson Barkhurst

Description: EMS crews continue to provide patient care in the hospital hallways.  This location is often referred to as “EMS Park” and is a significant patient safety risk.  Offload delays, a lack of flow and Emergency In-Patients (EIP) continue to be the largest threat to the EMS system.  This talk highlights the risks and offers a solution that benefits patients and the system.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the risks associated with EMS Park.
  2. Compare EMS wait times nationally.
  3. Identify a sustainable solution for EMS and the Emergency Departments.


  1. EMS Park is a signigficant patient safety risk.
  2. Several solutions have been attempted without successful sustained change.
  3. The proposed solution can offer additional EMS capacity without the addition of any new EMS resources.

Biography: Randy Bryksa is the Associate Executive Director (AED) for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Operations in the Calgary Zone.  Randy has over 35 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN), Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP), Paramedic Instructor and EMS Administrator.  Randy’s educational background includes diplomas in Nursing and Para-medicine, a degree in business and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Prehospital Advanced Airway - Dr. Cory Brulotte

Description: The speaker will provide a review of the evidence and controversies in prehospital advanced airway management with a focus on Alberta Health Services data.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the evidence for pre-hospital intubation
  2. Identify the controversies in prehospital advanced airway management
  3. Provide data from Alberta Health Services of prehospital intubation to frame the panel discussion

Biography: Ottawa born and trained. Emergency Physician and Associate EMS Director in Calgary. Family guy and outdoors lover.