Tuesday, May 29, 2018 • 15:00 - 16:30
Track Chairs: Dr. Danny Peterson, Dr. Conor McKaigney
Room: Marriott Kensington B/C/D

I Can Do That with Ultrasound? - Dr. Conor McKaigney

Description: Currently the breadth of ultrasound use is ever expanding in the ED. There are now many advanced ultrasound courses teaching assessment of gallbladders, kidneys and lungs. The objectives of this course are to go even FUTHER with what POCUS can do. We plan to briefly review some of the lesser well known but exciting uses of POCUS ED.  Examples may include: airway confirmation, diagnosis of appendicitis, small bowel obstructions and even raised ICP. The presentation is intended to broaden the viewers current knowledge of ultrasound applications in the ed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. to stimulate discussion and interest in advanced ultrasound applications
  2. to review the literature around performance of some of these topics
  3. gain an understanding the potential pitfalls and errors in performing and interpreting these scans


  1. a “double tract” sign confirms correct ETT placement
  2. sonographic criteria for appendicitis includes a tubular structure > 6mm in diameter, non-compressible, and lacks peristalsis
  3. the normal optic nerve sheath diameter is up to 5mm in diameter, > 5mm can indicate raised ICP

Biography: Dr. Conor McKaigney is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Calgary and attending physician with the Calgary Zone Department of Emergency Medicine. He completed the FRCPC Emergency Medicine program at Queen’s University in 2013 and holds an Ultrasound Fellowship from Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. He has taught point of care ultrasound at multiple courses throughout North America, including both CAEP and ACEP. His area of research interest is in the competency based evaluation of emergency ultrasound.

Put a Needle in It! Selected High Yield Peripheral Nerve Blocks - Dr. Danny Peterson

Description: Ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks are within the scope of practice of emergency physicians. Common and accessible nerve blocks of the forearm (radial, median, ulnar) and ankle (posterior tibial) will be discussed and demonstrated.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the indications for peripheral nerve blocks.
  2. Learn the relevant anatomy to perform a successful block.
  3. Learn the ultrasound technique to perform the various nerve blocks.


  1. Patient, physician and ultrasound machine set up is key for success.
  2. In-plane needle visualization is preferred.
  3. Ensuring the probe is perpendicular to the nerve will optimize visualization.

Biography: Practicing emergency physician in Calgary Alberta.  Fellowship trained in point of care ultrasound (London ON).  Ultrasound Director Emergency Medicine Calgary Alberta.


Description: This presentation will inform and educate attendees about the various applications, advances, and achievements in emergency ultrasound throughout emergency medicine in Canada. We will provide an interactive and innovative forum for learning both basic and advanced ultrasound modalities, allowing audience participants to develop a greater appreciation for the clinical applicability of point of care ultrasound to emergency medicine practice. This game show-styled event will allow audience members to interact with our panel of judges, hosts, and resident competitors as they learn.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with the state of emergency ultrasound education, research and advanced training opportunities within Canada’s broader EM community
  2. Explore both basic and advanced applications through an innovative and interactive forum (image interpretation and clinical integration)
  3. Develop a greater appreciation for the clinical applicability of emergency ultrasound in emergency medicine practice

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The Sonogames Qualifying round takes place on Monday, May 28 from 10:15 – 11:45].

The CAEP SONOGAMES Working Group: Drs. Tom Jelic, Dan Kim, Paul Olszynski, Chau Pham, Louise Rang, Laurie Robichaud, Rob Simard, Joel Turner, Michael Woo