Sunday, May 27, 2018 • 10:15 - 11:45
Track Chair: Dr. Chris Bond
Room: TELUS 108-109

History of Social Media – Three Act Play - Dr. Ken Milne

Description: The history of social media goes back at least 2,500 years. The story will be told in a three-act play involving the audience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define social media and provide some examples
  2. Understand the criticisms of social media
  3. Find out what Socrates, Pope Leo X and Sir Isaac Newton have to do with social media


  1. Social media is interaction among people via electronic means.
  2. Criticisms of social media date back 2,500 years.
  3. It is not the tool that is important but how you use the tool.

Biography: Dr. Milne is the Chief of Staff at South Huron Hospital Association in Exeter, Ontario, Canada. He has been doing research for over 30 years publishing on a variety of topics. He is passionate about skepticism and critical thinking. He is the creator of the knowledge translation project, The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (

Slaying Prehistoric Practice - Knowledge Translation Through FOAM - Dr. Lauren Westafer

Description: A 10-20 year knowledge translation gap exists and this talk provides insight into this gap. The talk will also arm the audience with ways to combat this gap, particularly using free open access medical education (FOAM).

Learning Objectives:

  1. The audience will gain insight into the knowledge translation gap problem in Emergency Medicine.
  2. The audience will understand factors that contribute to the knowledge translation gap
  3. The audience will learn how free open access medical education (FOAM) can mitigate the knowledge translation gap


  1. It often takes 10-20 years for the best available medical practices to be adopted by the general medical community.
  2. The knowledge translation gap not solely a result of not knowing knowledge, it’s actually much harder to unlearn old practices to change our medical practice.
  3. Free open access medical education (FOAM) can be used to help exercise cognitive flexibility and begin to adopt evidence based practices in a more timely fashion.

Biography: Lauren Westafer is an emergency physician and research fellow with an interest in dissemination and implementation science. Sheco-hosts the award-winning emergency medicine podcast, FOAMcast (

How FOAMed took me from Dumbass to Smartass - Dr. Rob Bryant

Description: A review of the career improving aspects of FOAMed. This talk will review the effective use of FOAMed on shift to allow for efficient access to teaching and clinical resources to make you seem smarter than you really are.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how to access FOAMed resources on shift
  2. Describe how to use FOAMed resources to teach more efficiently, and more accurately on shift
  3. Learn 4 highly reliable sources for on-shift clinical content


  1. Manage a fingertip avulsion injury like a boss
  2. Learn how to access obtuse EKG diagnostic criteria on the fly
  3. Be able to answer (most of) your residents difficult questions on shift

Biography: Rob graduated from The University of Otago School of Medicine, New Zealand, in 1998, and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2004. His clinical interests include Emergency Department Critical Care, Airway Management, Simulation, and the use of Social Media tools for medical education.  He writes for the blog. He is an Associate Medical Director for Classic Air Medical, UT.