Wednesday, May 30, 2018 • 12:45 - 14:15
Track Chair: Dr. Bruce Campana
Room: TELUS Glen 206

Wisdom. Age. And I Forget the Other Thing. - Dr. Bruce Campana

Description: There is significant irony in the juxtaposition of the title of this talk and the presenter.  Wisdom comes with experience.  And experience comes with mistakes.  And the presenter has a lot of experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to be wise.
  2. How to get older.
  3. Why you should try to avoid #2.


  1. We have the most interesting job in the world.
  2. Respect your elders.
  3. Cauliflower does not taste any better after 60.

Biography: Bruce Campana is an emergency physician who works in Victoria, BC.  He specializes in, well, nothing really.  He is fairly old.

What the Heck Happened!?! - Dr. Gordon Neil

Presentation slides

Description: An overview of the some of the most recent thoughts around aging and longevity medicine along with insights of potential effects on lifespan from choosing a career in Emergency Medicine.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to improve Healthspan over Lifespan.
  2. Understanding the Four Pillars of Longevity
  3. An awareness that “aging is a disease”.


  1. The “Blue Zones” have common themes that contribute to longevity
  2. Telomeres are basic to heathy cell replication.
  3. The are simple lifestyle choices that will improve your Healthspan.

Biography: Gordon Neil BSc MD ABEM  Emergency Physician Red Deer Regional Hospital   AHSEMS Central Zone Medical Director

Panel Discussion: Old Docs Talk About Emergency: Like, When it was Real. - Drs. Chris Rumball, Sam Campbell, Welsey Palatnick, Howard Ovens, Jonathan Dreyer, Robert Abernethy, Constance LeBlanc, and Alan Drummond

Description: Some of the “Old Masters” in Canadian EM get a chance to sound off about the good ol’ days – what was good, what wasn’t, and some stories that will make overcrowding seem like a hiccup.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this presentation, the audience should:

  1. Have an appreciation of some of the changes that EM has gone through in the last three decades
  2. Better understand some of the reasons for the way things are now in Canadian Emergency Medicine
  3. Kind of wish that they had been there when it all started.

Panelist Biographies:

Dr. Constance LeBlanc, Halifax, NS: Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development and Education Research Dalhousie University

Dr. Sam Campbell, Halifax, NS: Chief of Emerg at the Halifax Infirmary. Cheated out of a noble prize on numerous occasions

Dr. Robert Abernethy, Calgary, AB: Full time Er physician for 38 yrs in Calgary  Previous Regional ED Dept Head for Calgary  Associate Clinical Professor Dept EM University of Calgary

Dr. Wesley Palatnick, Winnipeg, MB: Emergency Physician at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg for 37 years. Professor and Royal College residency program director Department of Emergency Medicine University of Manitoba

Dr. Jonathan Dreyer, London, ON: Professor and Director of Research, Division of Emergency Medicine, Western University.

Dr. Howard Ovens, Toronto, ON: Howard Ovens practices at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He’s been the Ontario Expert Lead advising govt on policy issues in EM for the last 11 years and is a Full Professor at the Dept. of Family and Community Medicine at U of Toronto. He is on the CAEP Public Affairs Ctte.

Dr. Chris Rumball, Mill Bay, BC: MD, FRCPC, MSC. St Paul’s 14 yrs, Royal Columbian 11 yrs, Saudi Aramco 8 ys, Nanaimo 9 yrs. Past Dept Head, Prov. BC EMS Commissioner

Alan Drummond, Perth, ON: A sommelier and occasional family/emergency physician in Perth, Ontario.  A clinical assistant professor in Family Medicine at Queen’s and University of Ottawa, with a cross-appointment in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa (although they conveniently forget that!).  A Past President of CAEP and chair of the OMA Section on Emergency Medicine.

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