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As the national voice of emergency medicine, the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine (CAEP) provides continuing medical education, advocates on behalf of emergency physicians and their patients, supports research, and strengthens the emergency medicine community. In co-operation with other specialties and committees, CAEP also plays a vital role in the development of national standards and clinical guidelines.

CAEP keeps Canadian emergency physicians informed of developments in the clinical practice of emergency medicine and addresses political and societal changes that affect the delivery of emergency health care.We invite you to join us for the next CAEP conference, hosted by our Calgary EM community in May 2018.

Leading excellence in emergency medicine across Canada

CAEP champions excellence in Emergency Medicine in Canada by:

  • Advocating for emergency physicians and their patients;
  • Connecting emergency physicians;
  • Leading emergency medicine education;
  • Fostering research and innovation;
  • Defining standards for quality emergency care; and
  • Collaborating with emergency care providers.